Sunday, April 14, 2013

At Last...

It's here...
The new Net Loft buying site is officially online. There are a few quirks, so please be patient as we work them out.  It is just a start and so we will be adding more items daily.  For the first twenty customers of the new site we offering a little gift with purchase. We will let you know when that number has been reached.  If we experience difficulties, we will shut down the site temporarily, but we think it should be fine.  Paypal will be available with option for credit card through Paypal  Tomorrow we will have the other credit card function up and running. If you want to see ALL items just click Catalog, then use browse button to sort and see group of individual yarn bases.  I know it is not a perfect format, but just needed to get online and will be working on this aspect of the site. We are excited and look forward to serving you wherever you may be.  We have made many wonderful friends over the years through the shop and look forward to this new aspect to connect and continue to make new connections, as well as to reconnect with those of you who are far away, yet still hold Cordova near and dear to their heart.

We truly appreciate your business and, as always,  thank you for shopping at the Net Loft.

Free freight over $125 in United States, $150 Canada and $300 International.
Here we go!

Happy Spring,


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Anonymous said...

Fabulous, Dotty!
Just sent you a more expressive email, gushing about your newest e-venture :-)

nell stundell said...

Beautiful website!