Friday, November 28, 2008

A Thousand Hugs.
That is what it felt like.
Seeing friends and familiar faces, transforming fall into Christmas, watching the knitters around the table...
I have returned from my November shop visit, and I am remembering one night late peering out at the snow flurries and the glow of the evening lights through the sparking lights of the newly decorated shop.
I am thinking of you now.
I hope you all have a blessed time as you prepare for the holidays.  Have those special times of making and creating and being with friends and family. Cut, and glue, and knit, and sew, bake, light candles, hug those close by and enjoy the moments of writing those who are far away.  Those hand-made moments are the treasures and the part of you that you share with others that mean more than you can imagine. They mean more than you can imagine.  I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving.  I used my new tablerunner that I bought at the Northwind Quilters Tea auction.  It looked so lovely, and a reminder of a special place, a very special place, and and a very special moment in time.

Missing you...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Holiday Open House
at The Net Loft

November 19, 2008
7-9 pm

"Knits for Bears to Wear" Booksigning
with Amy O'Neill Houck

Jen-Ann Kirchmeier New Card Release

Icelandic Designs Winter 2008-2009 Sweaters

Ideas for Celebration & Gifts for the Holidays

All welcome.
We will be gathering at 7:30 in the Upstairs Room at The Net Loft
for a short Fashion Show and Get Together.
Come join us!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

This fall, The Net Loft has featured "Wednesdays with Amy", a drop in fiberarts session for those interested in help with  knitting, crochet, as well as beginner helps  in how to use a drop spindle.
Amy  O'Neill-Houck leads the session from noon to 2pm every Wednesday.  Yesterday was a special day for Amy, as it was the release date of her latest book,  Knits for Bears to Wear, published by Random House Books.
We will be having an official booksigning party for her the evening of our Holiday Open House, November 19 7-9 pm, but if you get a chance today, drop by and wish her congratulations. 

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hello Friends of The Net Loft in Cordova, Alaska.
This is an announcement of the launching of the Net Loft's online weblog, a resource for coverage of past, present and future Net Loft events, as well as updates on exciting new merchandise.

I have a lot of ideas for this site, one of which would be to have an opportunity for everyone to share a view of their finished projects.  I will explain more of that later, but, for now, I just wanted to get started and say HELLO!!!! everyone, and welcome to The Net Loft.

For those of you who may be wondering what The Net Loft is all about, it is a little shop in the commercial fishing village of  Cordova, whose roots began in an actual  commercial fishing net loft where nets are constructed for the salmon fishing industry there.  The shop resided in a net loft for 18 years until it was moved to a main street location, keeping the name along with many wonderful memories of the days in the upstairs of our commercial fishing warehouse.

If I had a few words, I would describe The Net Loft as a place for needlework, yarn, papercrafts, ribbons, buttons, housewares, beautiful sweaters, jewelry, chocolates, and...friends.  

If I had but one word, it would be,


We welcome YOU to join us.