Sunday, May 5, 2013

That's What It's All About...

Do you remember the words of the last line of  the song and dance called the "Hokey Pokey"?  I was just reflecting on the day today, and what I heard in the back of my mind was that short little phrase from that old familiar tune..."That's what it's all about...(clap, clap).    When the shop first began twenty something, (I think 29...could it be?)  years ago, we had a full schedule of classes. Now if you know me, you know that one of my favorite things is sharing ideas and skills, and putting together classes and workshops, and getting people together to make things.  Sometimes I get a little bogged down with shop busy work,  and  don't have so many classes going on, but as summertime approaches, the time for classes picks up, and I always love as the season of workshops in our upstairs room swings into full gear.  I think I mentioned before, that I have referred to our upstairs classroom as "La La Land". Step through the doorway, and everything beyond the classroom vanishes, at least for a short while anyway.

Today, for the Shorebird Festival, we had a painted watercolor feather garland drop in session, as well as a Needlefelted Sandpiper Workshop.  It was a lot of activity squeezed into one afternoon, but squeeze we did, and I just loved seeing what everyone ended up making.  All the great garlands and wonderful flock of  sandpipers that emerged from the two classes brought a big smile to my face.  With just a little bit of guidelines, so many fine finished pieces.  Simple projects with simple ingredients on my end, and lots of very wonderful creativity on the part of those who joined us...

Just a side note, we have decided to kit up the Sandpiper project into a kit, and the feather garlands, too.  Stay tuned on our website for availability, perhaps by sometime in June, and you can join us here at The Net Loft in spirit.

See for yourself what the day brought forth. It just brings on a huge smile watching a  room full of hand crafters busy at play.  Painting, and cutting, and poking at fleece and fiber...a busy afternoon in "La La Land" amongst  the company of friends, AND
That CERTAINLY is what IT is all about.

Craft away, dear Friends of the Net Loft...and always come show us, or post what you're making, because you know how much we love to share in the excitement.

Happy Making and Creating!
Net Loft Dotty