Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Autumn Days

Fall had beset us, and, thankfully, at least we had a brief spell of autumn sunshine to replace
the rainy summer ones, at least to remind us of what the blue sky looked like and how incredibly beautiful the mountains and scenery look bathed in sunlight.

As I look back on these past few months, with a meager online presence, I reflect on real life and the activities that filled those days...classes, boxes, friends, yarn, cheering on finished projects, and of course, the excitement and anticipation of starting new ones. Watching the creativity all around me, I have to admit was difficult sometimes, for I felt a bit bogged down with just keeping the boxes flowing in and out of the hallway, and, for the most part, it seemed like the boxes were winning the battle. What is more, I have felt and wondered, in the midst of all this new technology racing lightning years beyond me, a sense that it may quite possibly be hopeless for me to keep up with it all. Somehow, in my heart of hearts, however, I have a sense of what I believe to be right and true.

When I look back and reflect upon the faces of summertime, in light of all technology has to offer, I do know what matters most to me...the joy and value of those moments when the shop is open and the smiles stream in, and the unmatched beauty of the physical presence of those that fill the shop. I may not always have time to write about it, or remember to take pictures of it, because, more than likely, I am too in the midst of it to stop. Whether I am busy running up and down the stairs, unpacking boxes, or better yet...doing my favorite thing, being with you, in person, face to face...happy to view a finished project or one in progress, or possibly one that needs a boost, I do believe that nothing can replace human physical contact and no digital media can duplicate the joy of being involved and immersed in experiencing all the colors and textures firsthand.

I am missing it now, and, as the outdoors prepares for dormancy, my days with the shop are unfortunately relinquished to a virtual connection. Having set all the spinning plates into motion, I now step away, knowing a part of me has been left behind. Yarn, boxes, and friends, that was my summer...though busy, the best part was hearing the jingle of the door chime...

Thank you for stepping in the door.

Happy autumn,