Friday, August 28, 2009


Ah! The joy of it.
I can't think of anything I love better than to see people upstairs in our Net Loft classroom, spinning and weaving and knitting and scrapbooking and simply being together making things.  It is truly what I love and what we love to do here.  It has been very wonderful these last few weeks watching all that has been going on, especially since it took so long this summer to kick things into gear.  It's enough to put a smile on your face. 

And the excitement continues...
The mushroom festival has begun and we had a film night featuring the film  "Mushrooms for Color" by Miriam to get it started.   Dorothy Beebee is here to teach a class in mushroom papermaking and creating mycostix (drawing sticks made from mushroom pigment). We will be having dye pots out back of The Net Loft all next week if you are interested in trying out mushroom dyeing for yourself.  If you are interested in the Mushroom Festival you can check the links below.  Karen Casselman will be here next weekend to teach a class on lichen dyeing over Labor Day weekend.  It should be fantastic.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Finally an update!

So many new and wonderful things here at The Net Loft. Sorry for the lack of posts, but it has been a strange summer with the commercial fishing industry just getting going as summer draws to a close. 

It is exciting though, with autumn  just around the bend, as we have lots of wonderful ideas and products available for fall projects.  We have many  new very special and delicious hand dyed yarns specially dyed for us by Fleece Artist/Hand Maiden, Three Irish Girls, and Zen Yarn Garden with names such as "Hawkin's Island" (pictured at left), "Sheridan Glacier", and even a beautiful purple and green collection called "Eyak River Iris", with others such as Child's glacier, Orca Inlet, and Boswell Bay Strawberry.  Most of these new yarns work for  a variety of  one skein luxury projects. New also are a collection  of small custom kits for quick projects we have put together for easy grab and go knitting.   
In the gift department, there are many new gift ideas, including a great selection of 3 free "Butter" Nail Polish and  bodycare products, new jewelry, and bright and beautiful tabletop items for end summer tablesetting and household decorating. There is so much it is hard to list it all, so you will just have to come in to see for yourself.  There are still some fun classes happening, so come check out our end of August schedule while you are here.
Hope you had a great summer!  Looking forward to seeing you soon.

PS.  Lavender Wash Cloth errata/correction: where it says repeat rows 2-5, change the numbers from  2-5  to  be 1-4.  Sorry about that.