Saturday, February 26, 2011

a little inspiration

Drifting and dreaming through knitting books and patterns, touching yarns and imagining a project is one of the special parts of knitting that I love. I have to hold myself back sometimes from this when I have too many projects going at the same time, but when I open the gate for a new project, it is always an exciting moment. I generally have more dreams than time, and with so many yarns, so many colors, so many ideas, when I have accomplished enough from my previous projects in the lineup, there is a great rush of adrenalin when I get to open the notebooks and books, leaf through the pages, and dream on into the realm of a new project. It is then that I am ready and willing and await inspiration. Nothing is more exciting than a notebook of new patterns, fresh from the designers. Right now, that is what awaits you at The Net Loft. A fresh batch of designs from designers such as...

Connie Chang,
Grace AkhremTree Knitter
and many more.
Start with a yarn you love and let us help you find a pattern that will work for you, or drift and dream through the patterns and we can help you find just the right yarn to make that knitting dream come true...
Either way, remember that the drifting and dreaming are an important part of the knitting process. Settle down around the back table, flip through the notebooks and let the designers inspire you
as you decide on that next new project. Soak in all the color , choose a pattern, and then hunker down ( as my friend Christa would say) and knit away. Joy in every step... come take a peek, and be deliciously inspired.