Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Springtime for Tea

What is it about springtime that stirs within us thoughts of that wonderful combination of friendship, flowers, teacups, and sweets? Perhaps that time of winter solitude has run its course and what we really need is to just pull out the lace and the flowery tablecloth, bake something extra special and invite over a friend or two for nothing other than a cup of hot tea, a pretty cookie and some rich conversation.

I must admit, I have a weakness for teapots, teacups, cream pitchers, sugar bowls, and all the tea setting paraphenalia. Not just because they are cute, which I can't help but think they are... but I think even moreso, because of what they represent...taking time to be with friends...listening to their stories while sipping on the sweet milky sugary teawater...loving and being loved. It is all about friendship and fellowship, sharing thoughts and ideas, both griefs and joys, and most importantly, it is about having a "nice time" together, even when life is challenging, and for those days that we don't really feel like life is quite so nice. In the midst of all our lives hold, there is nothing better than a good plate of cookies, a delicious cup of tea, a funny story that brings tears of laughter to our eyes. It IS really what we need, and that is what I see in that tea setting.

Here is to the spring teas and taking time to celebrate the emergence of the awaited new season and all the wonder that Easter holds.

Teapot... teacups... flowers...candles...sweets...and friends...
Simple ingredients for a simply special time...