Monday, April 29, 2013

As Time Goes By...

Like it or not, time certainly does go by.. and for me it was evident that it was about time for a little creativity break.

Having spent many hours uploading information onto the new ecommerce website for the shop, as well as countless hours behind the computer with bookkeeping for tax time,  I felt helpless  to resist when I felt the pull of the powerful "creativity magnet" drawing me in.  You've felt that tug, haven't you?  How could I resist?   

We have a Wool Applique class happening in June, entitled "As Time Goes By" which uses a pattern published by Under the Garden Moon.  We had originally planned to teach the class last fall, but the timing has worked out best for us to have the class start this June.  The class will be a "Progressive Class", which means that we will start with Dotty at The Net Loft in June, and then progress to The Quilter's Hideout to complete the project in July.  We will be teaching the wool applique portion, and the Hideout will teach the quilted portion.  This is a convertible wall hanging.  The two sections are constructed as separate components.  There are mulitple center sections which may be made which are intended to change with the seasons.  You will be amazed  at how quickly one is able to construct the wool applique portion, which may be attached separately to the quilt hanging using magnets, snaps, velcro, or buttons.

I like hearts and flowers, and so this was the one I chose, and the object of my creative escape this evening.  There are multiple designs available:  a snowman, a bird, a schoolhouse as well as other motifs that may be used for the summertime and fall seasons.    I am going to use some flannels in my quilted border keeping the colors in a manner that will compliment my applique,  yet will be able to go with some of the other center pieces as well.  

Wool applique is simple and this particular project  can be made with hand dyed felted wool or wool felt. I still have to complete the embroidery, but I certainly have enjoyed this particular creativity break, and know you would enjoy stitching this project as well. We have expanded our collection of hand dyed felted wools and wool felt for you to choose from at the shop. We have a great rainbow of colors available, as well as a nice selection of hand dyed Valdani perle cottons threads available to purchase for the stitching.

We hope you will consider joining us in June.  Participants will have their choice of which center  applique they would like to work on in the class.  This makes for a great summertime project and fun class to  gather with friends and stitch. We will post when the class will be happening.  If you are interested, drop us an email at and let us know if evenings or Saturdays work best for you as we draw closer to setting the date and time of the class.  whether you have done wool applique before or a complete beginner, all are welcome to join us.  I will be teaching the class and we are conducting it as stitch-along, and so cost of class is simply your pattern and materials.  I will post a photo of the finished project as soon as it is completed.  Hope you are able to have a creativity break for yourself.  It always does wonders for my mental and emotional health.  Certainly is a nice way to spend some of that precious time that goes rushing by...

All the best to you in felted wool and stitches,
                                                  Net Loft Dotty

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