Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

Blessings to you this Christmas, for it truly is a special time of year.
I hope you are able to have a peaceful moment to reflect upon
the depth of the spirit of Christmas, and that your heart may find
that place deep within, touched by the comfort and joy from above.
With love,
The Net Loft

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Zealand Gold

There is no friend like an old friend.

Almost 26 years ago, I made friends with a very dear and very talented person who absolutely changed the course of my life.

We were venturing through New Zealand and a friend had given me the name of someone on a small slip of paper in a letter, which had been from another friend of hers, when they heard mention that I was to be traveling through New Zealand. I had learned to knit (as an adult versus my feeble attempts as a child) from another good friend only weeks previously, when that friend heard I was to be traveling through New Zealand, so I was a fresh out of the stable knitter still wrestling with the needles, as my husband, Bob, and I wove to and fro through the countryside with our then three year old daughter Rosemary. I had been making hand made dolls at the time and I was on the lookout for yarn for doll hair, and whatever else struck my fancy. The endless green countryside was lovely and the friendly and hospitable faces of the Kiwi folks were even lovelier. Anna was a kind soul, and the day we spent at her yarn shed, I bought my first batch of her beautiful handyed multicolor New Zealand wool, as well as the wonderful naturally colored shades that have been our staple, sturdy, well wearing wool ever since. On that same trip I purchased yarn and fibers from a variety of sources, but none surpassed the quality and special touch of those from Anna. And so, our relationship across the miles began, and continues to this day. It is not often that I get to spend a morning and cup of deliciously strong coffee with rich New Zealand cream in the courtyard of Anna's lovely garden, and so, as I sat face to face with her once again, I savored every single moment, and held in my heart and memory the sound of her voice and the features of her face and long hair as we discussed life both backwards and forwards. From there, we wandered through the yarn colors and behind the scene mill… the combers and spinners, machines to make hanks, and all the bins and bags that are the source of what eventually becomes that lovely yarn we have all come to know and love as Little Wool Company.

When I think of all that goes into what we run through our fingertips, and eventually we and our loved ones wear in Alaska and beyond, I am in awe. It is not often that the one who raises the sheep takes it from the sheep in the pen through the whole process, going all the way through to beautiful dyeing and on to the New Zealand post office and to us here in Alaska. It is a marvelous thing. It is wonderful to reconnect to the source of my love and passion for knitting, and for that which was the seed of The Net Loft’s growth into a full fledge yarn shop, and all from the making of a brand new friend from a tiny slip of paper.

Thank you Anna,

And thanks to those of you whose appreciation for Little Wool Company yarns through the years have helped keep Anna dyeing , as well as helped nurture the fledgling Net Loft into what it is today.

I hope you are enjoying this time of family and friends, of festival and celebration.

For, after all,

There is no friend, like an old friend.

Make new friends and keep the old..

One is silver and the other is gold.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A New Arrival!

And speaking of little ones... The Net Loft now has our own new little one to cuddle and love and look so sweet in handknit Three Irish Girls hat and booties. Thanks to the artistry of Anna Hernandez, our favorite Cordova resident dollmaker, we have been blessed with the presence of the perfect baby. Name? Will you help name the baby? Please email in your ideas ( or drop by the shop and submit your idea. We will have a vote, and if your name is chosen, you will receive a skein of Three Irish Girls tonal yarn. Ahh...what a cute baby. Thank you, Anna!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Autumn Days

Fall had beset us, and, thankfully, at least we had a brief spell of autumn sunshine to replace
the rainy summer ones, at least to remind us of what the blue sky looked like and how incredibly beautiful the mountains and scenery look bathed in sunlight.

As I look back on these past few months, with a meager online presence, I reflect on real life and the activities that filled those days...classes, boxes, friends, yarn, cheering on finished projects, and of course, the excitement and anticipation of starting new ones. Watching the creativity all around me, I have to admit was difficult sometimes, for I felt a bit bogged down with just keeping the boxes flowing in and out of the hallway, and, for the most part, it seemed like the boxes were winning the battle. What is more, I have felt and wondered, in the midst of all this new technology racing lightning years beyond me, a sense that it may quite possibly be hopeless for me to keep up with it all. Somehow, in my heart of hearts, however, I have a sense of what I believe to be right and true.

When I look back and reflect upon the faces of summertime, in light of all technology has to offer, I do know what matters most to me...the joy and value of those moments when the shop is open and the smiles stream in, and the unmatched beauty of the physical presence of those that fill the shop. I may not always have time to write about it, or remember to take pictures of it, because, more than likely, I am too in the midst of it to stop. Whether I am busy running up and down the stairs, unpacking boxes, or better yet...doing my favorite thing, being with you, in person, face to face...happy to view a finished project or one in progress, or possibly one that needs a boost, I do believe that nothing can replace human physical contact and no digital media can duplicate the joy of being involved and immersed in experiencing all the colors and textures firsthand.

I am missing it now, and, as the outdoors prepares for dormancy, my days with the shop are unfortunately relinquished to a virtual connection. Having set all the spinning plates into motion, I now step away, knowing a part of me has been left behind. Yarn, boxes, and friends, that was my summer...though busy, the best part was hearing the jingle of the door chime...

Thank you for stepping in the door.

Happy autumn,



Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Knitting makes me happy

Even if I don’t do it myself

It makes me happy to see what others have made

It is why I buy yarn and put it on the shelves

It is my reward

I can think of no greater profit than to see a knitter knitting in the upstairs room

Or hear of a project sewn up and becoming a garment, loved and treasured.

It makes it all worthwhile

All the ordering would be for naught, if it wasn’t for a photo like this

Seeing it makes me smile

for it captures in time a special someone wrapped in the labor of a knitter’s love'

Show me the socks on your feet

Your husbands and babies and kids wrapped in the works of your hands

The hats on the heads of crewmen

The blankets in the cribs

The scarves that fend off the damp days

The washcloths in the sinks

The afghans gracing couches and couch potatoes

The sweaters

The cardigans

The vests

The little coin purses

The big felted bags

The mittens and gloves

Even the little dolls and beloved handknit bears

I want to see it all…

I think of the endless calls and the busy buying trips and the putting up shelves and the pricing and the bill paying and the setting the yarn on the shelves and all the time it takes for a skein of yarn and all the steps it has taken for that skein to land in someone’s bag

For what?

To see a photo like this.

don't you agree that the photo says it all?

Yes, I have come to realize

Knitting makes me happy

Even if it is through the hands of another

This holds true for the works of the crocheters and the cross stitchers,

the scrapbookers, the card makers the embroiderers, beaders, weavers and spinners, too.

It is a very big reason why we do what we do here…

And so, dear handworkers,

Thank you for your part… Keep up the good work.



photos graciously borrowed from Stephinie

Monday, June 28, 2010

Mondays and Wednesdays

Remember to join us at The Net Loft for Monday night knitting. And starting this week: workshop Wednesdays; everyone is still welcome to knit on their own projects, but joining in on the workshops will be great fun.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

summer is for the birds...

...and summer at The Net Loft is just around the corner.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

graduates and gardeners

For our graduates, for our gardeners, or for both...

Thursday, May 6, 2010