Friday, November 28, 2008

A Thousand Hugs.
That is what it felt like.
Seeing friends and familiar faces, transforming fall into Christmas, watching the knitters around the table...
I have returned from my November shop visit, and I am remembering one night late peering out at the snow flurries and the glow of the evening lights through the sparking lights of the newly decorated shop.
I am thinking of you now.
I hope you all have a blessed time as you prepare for the holidays.  Have those special times of making and creating and being with friends and family. Cut, and glue, and knit, and sew, bake, light candles, hug those close by and enjoy the moments of writing those who are far away.  Those hand-made moments are the treasures and the part of you that you share with others that mean more than you can imagine. They mean more than you can imagine.  I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving.  I used my new tablerunner that I bought at the Northwind Quilters Tea auction.  It looked so lovely, and a reminder of a special place, a very special place, and and a very special moment in time.

Missing you...

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