Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hello Friends of The Net Loft in Cordova, Alaska.
This is an announcement of the launching of the Net Loft's online weblog, a resource for coverage of past, present and future Net Loft events, as well as updates on exciting new merchandise.

I have a lot of ideas for this site, one of which would be to have an opportunity for everyone to share a view of their finished projects.  I will explain more of that later, but, for now, I just wanted to get started and say HELLO!!!! everyone, and welcome to The Net Loft.

For those of you who may be wondering what The Net Loft is all about, it is a little shop in the commercial fishing village of  Cordova, whose roots began in an actual  commercial fishing net loft where nets are constructed for the salmon fishing industry there.  The shop resided in a net loft for 18 years until it was moved to a main street location, keeping the name along with many wonderful memories of the days in the upstairs of our commercial fishing warehouse.

If I had a few words, I would describe The Net Loft as a place for needlework, yarn, papercrafts, ribbons, buttons, housewares, beautiful sweaters, jewelry, chocolates, and...friends.  

If I had but one word, it would be,


We welcome YOU to join us.


marilyn said...

Dear Dottie and the Ladies of the Loft,

I'm sitting here in my cozy little home in Port Townsend, Washington having just taken a break from my loom. I'm finishing a run of dish towels that I started BEFORE leaving Cordova. Its a bitter-sweet project and you, there at the Net Loft, are always on my mind when I'm weaving. I remember so well, learning to weave those Alpaca scarves (that I've never cut apart, they are so bad), the chenille scarves in jewel colors, then the run of 14 towels out of blue and yellow cottolin that gave me nightmares, not only the threading, but the boredom of the same color for so long! Then I think about all that yardage Dottie wove for her window seats and feel like a whiner!
After over a year in the Emergency Room I am again working in a clinic with 5 docs and loving it. They are all younger than I and for most, this is their first real job. To say the place is benignly dysfunctional is probably accurate. They are lovely and all have toddlers at home. Babies get sick; they don't come to work! I still do a couple of 12 hour shifts a month in the ER and use the time between patients to knit. I haven't undertaken another sweater of late, but am turning out the socks. I have a favorite pattern with a clable on each side done on #2s. They take awhile, but are worth the time. I am also finishing a pair of Classic Elite Baby Camel Hair socks. Not for wear with ExtraTuffs! Even with reinforced toes and heels. Very delicate fiber. I do miss trying out projects for the store. I loved making things to encourage others to reach out a bit and take a chance on a new project beyond scarves. And I miss the book corner and talking with the dear women who came in looking for something to fill their time and please that "someone special" that they knit for.
I know the shop must look fabulous decked out in all the trappings of Christmas. I do wish I could peek in the window and fill my heart with that very special place.
I miss you! Much love, Marilyn

Christa said...

oh Marilyn - i hope you check back on your post... we all miss you and think of you so often! i think i must have forgotten that you ended up in PT. that is so close to me in Edmonds. i would love to visit sometime here or there or anywhere. i need a bit of knitting inspiration! i have been struggling with a pair of mittens for my daughter all fall because i just won't follow the pattern. she has now decided that it is time to make them as the pattern calls for because she wants to take them back to college in january.

i am so glad you commented on Dotty's Net Loft blog - it was nice to "hear your voice"!


Sandy said...

Hello! I must ask forgiveness as I have not blogged before. I am a friend of Jenny B's who is now visiting her folks here in Pennsylvania who must visit you often - since she is a weaver and spinner of alpaca wool.
She told me I should get in touch to see if you might have what I am looking for. If you have a business website, I would be more than happy to use it, but I could not find it. I started a prayer shawl and underestimated the amount of yarn (Debbie Bliss alpaca silk) that I needed and so I am short 5 skeins? of colour number 25019. I combined two colors while knitting and did not allow for the thickness of the stitch - can you help me? If so, my e-mail is gingrich2@embarqmail.com. Thanks so much, Sandy G.