Thursday, March 28, 2013

Three Irish Girls Net Loft Custom Colorways: Fisheries Collection

Just a quick entry here in the midst of the recent changes coming to Three Irish Girls distribution and the delay of our website launch, I am posting some photos of our custom colorways to make it easier to review colors.  This is a quick overview, and this entry will just cover the "Fisheries Collection".  Some of these photos have been posted previously and it is not complete in terms of photos, but just thought I would start with this for those from afar. Please email us at with any questions.  These are available on a variety of the bases offered by Three Irish Girls, email us for availability on each base.  I will be  posting  the other collections soon.  PS. Colleen, our mail order manager is away on a trip right now and so all orders will be postponed until the end of next week, April 5.

Thanks!! Happy Knitting,

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