Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Three Irish Girls Update

We have been awaiting another set of photos of our Three Irish Girls collection, but in the meantime, we wanted to post this photo of some of our quartet sets so you can see some of what we have.
There are a couple missing from this photo but they will be seen as we release more photos.
If you click on the photo it will show the complete shot. Some of you have wanted to add some of these quartet sets to your order and I am hoping this helps.

From left to right the colors are
Forget Me Not Quartet (Alaska State Flower)
Hartney Bay Sandpiper Quartet (we get 1000's of these birds in the springtime)
Mushrooms in the Moss  ( after a watercolor by local artist Susan Ogle of our wonderful wild mushrooms which we love for eating and dyeing yarn)
Scott Creek ( outflow from Scott Glacier from watercolor by Nancy Taylor Stonington)
Three Mile Bay ( on Lake Eyak from another watercolor by Susan Ogle)
Black Bear ( Black Bear with mossy green and blueberry bush inspriation)
Blueberries (tonal shades of Wild Blueberries coupled with woodland multidye and blueberry leaf colors)

Missing from this photo:
Quartets in Eyak River Iris (sets on the right in photo below)

Also missing Cordova Cannery and Seaweed
All quite lovely, of course.
(Boy, am I going to love it when the website is ready!)

When we post the better photos there will be listing of what is on what bases, but in general they are available in Adorn, McClellan, Glenahven Fingering and Worsted, Springvale Superwash and DK, and Carys.  It varies what we have on which weight so my next post will have that data but some want to get their orders in for the Awesome colors while we still have them in stock so thought I would get this posted right away so you could see at least the colors for some who missed the Ravelry photos.
We will put yardages and prices on when I post more detailed info, but in the meantime hope this helps those of you who want to see what is included in each of the quartet sets.

ALSO please note!  Our shipment number two arrived from Three Irish Girls,  (YAY!!) so if you want your yarn immediately we have them in the rest of the bases we previously mentioned,  and they should be ready for shipment after tomorrow afternoon.

Now in stock: Beckon Stretch, Finley FIngering, Kinsale Tencel, Galenas Chunky, Springvale Sock, Roslea Organic Merino (we love this and the chunky too), Vivie Alpaca Silk (another favorite)

Just to clarify
Three Irish Girls Cordova Colorways
Black Bear is a single tonal color
Blueberries is another single tonal color
Black Bear quartet is labeled Black Bear and Blueberries
Blueberries quartet is two blue variations and  a leafy green and a woodsy multidye

Hope this helps, better photos coming soon...
All the best to everyone.  Thank you to those of you who placed orders via email.  We enjoyed doing business with you.
Happy Knitting!!

Net Loft Dotty

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Dot- Lovely yarns. Just as Anna is retiring, a new talented dyer.
You must be so busy. Write soon. Bon in PK