Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Almost Spring

This weekend, we announced our most recent new Net Loft Three Irish Girls exclusive custom colorway. Inspired by the artwork of Ken Adams, the yarn is based on a lovely watercolor painting of Sheridan Glacier in that interim time where spring is rumbling and erupting from below while patches of winter and fall remain above.

In actuality...this is the present evening view from The Net Loft doorway, looking towards the sign for the shop, so, as you can see, "ALMOST Spring" is definitely appropriate.

Ken Adams was present for the unveiling and graces the cover of our latest fisherman cap pattern by Colleen Borodkin, which is complimentary when you purchase a skein of Springvale DK yarn. Ken is a good fishing friend and personal friend of our family as well, and I love this picture of him taken when we were getting shots for the hat pattern. It reflects his warm heart and great sense of humor.

We had not told him yet the secret about his painting being turned into a yarn and he was not sure what was going on when we asked him to come by to let us photograph him in the “Almost Spring” cap, and so he brought us a smile when he added his own personal touch to the photo session.

We are really pleased with how this yarn knits up colorwise, as it really captures the feel of the watercolor washes in the painting, as seen in the cowl shown below. This is a complimentary pattern free with purchase of Springvale Bulky. Please note, there is a great selection of bases Sharon of Three Irish Girls dyed on for us, but there is a limited number of skeins of each base. You can check out more photos on our Flickr page.

Spring, however, has definitely arrived within the walls of The Net Loft and lovely foiled chocolates and fresh Easter candy have arrived to grace your Easter baskets.

We also have hummingbirds, butterflies and pansies , and of course, an array of lovely spring ribbons to decorate and make your baskets extra special.

Along with the spring candy, we have a new arrival of sweet infant and baby clothes as well as BPA free teethers, bamboo baby brushes and these very nice cotton handmade washable vinyl lined pouches for snacks that are an alternative to zip lock bags. I think the baby things make a wonderful compliment to a hand knit or crochet cap, booties, blanket or sweater for a shower or baby gift.

One of the things I used to love to do for my children at Easter was to bake shortbread molded cookies using the Brown Bag ceramic molds and sprinkle colored sugars on top and then wrap them in a crisp cellophane bag and tie with a preety ribbon. What fun I used to have making their baskets and filling them with special gifts and treasures to celebrate the Easter Holiday…

If you are feeling the need for a breath of springtime (while the snow is still melting) step into the Net Loft for a burst of color...Candles in colorful decorated jars with fresh fragrances, APril Cornell Tablecloths for your spring home d├ęcor, fragrant lotions and perfumes, new spring scarves, flowers, cards and more are here for seasonal gift giving.

Happy Springtime Everyone!

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