Saturday, December 31, 2011

life is simply all those moments

strung from here to there

we go from being a child into an adult and the days go by
one by one

there are hard things
and easy things
good things
mundane things
sometimes the hard things are so hard
we wish they would just go away very quickly

and sometimes
there are such good times
we wish they would never end

I am a lot like my mother
her life is marked by her stitching
the needlepoint bouquets she drew and stitched alongside her own mother
the liberty print quilt from the time when she broke her ankle
the tops she knitted when she couldn't paint for awhile
her needlework marked the days and times of her years

she is the one who reminds me

stitch in the hard times
make something beautiful out of something difficult
stitch in the good times
remembering times of being together with friends and stitching
alongside them
or for them
with thoughts of them
in memory of them

to remind us
of how and who we love
and where we have been
and where we are headed

with hope for the future
for weddings and births
and birthdays

for encouragement
and friendship...

for we stitchers
the clicking of the needles and the needle and thread
mark the days and times of our lives
and create the legacies we leave behind

a part of us
is in every stitch
and our days are marked by what we have made of them

and as for tomorrow
my only question is...
what will I make today?

there is always



windinthewildwood said...

Dotty, I love this post. "...make something beautiful out of something difficult..." I am going to do just that! I love you. Anna

The Net Loft said...
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The Net Loft said...

You ALWAYS DO do that. You are always making beautiful things that bring me joy and delight! You are an inspiration to me... love, Dotty