Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Knitting makes me happy

Even if I don’t do it myself

It makes me happy to see what others have made

It is why I buy yarn and put it on the shelves

It is my reward

I can think of no greater profit than to see a knitter knitting in the upstairs room

Or hear of a project sewn up and becoming a garment, loved and treasured.

It makes it all worthwhile

All the ordering would be for naught, if it wasn’t for a photo like this

Seeing it makes me smile

for it captures in time a special someone wrapped in the labor of a knitter’s love'

Show me the socks on your feet

Your husbands and babies and kids wrapped in the works of your hands

The hats on the heads of crewmen

The blankets in the cribs

The scarves that fend off the damp days

The washcloths in the sinks

The afghans gracing couches and couch potatoes

The sweaters

The cardigans

The vests

The little coin purses

The big felted bags

The mittens and gloves

Even the little dolls and beloved handknit bears

I want to see it all…

I think of the endless calls and the busy buying trips and the putting up shelves and the pricing and the bill paying and the setting the yarn on the shelves and all the time it takes for a skein of yarn and all the steps it has taken for that skein to land in someone’s bag

For what?

To see a photo like this.

don't you agree that the photo says it all?

Yes, I have come to realize

Knitting makes me happy

Even if it is through the hands of another

This holds true for the works of the crocheters and the cross stitchers,

the scrapbookers, the card makers the embroiderers, beaders, weavers and spinners, too.

It is a very big reason why we do what we do here…

And so, dear handworkers,

Thank you for your part… Keep up the good work.



photos graciously borrowed from Stephinie http://www.gypsyforest.com/welcome_to_gypsy_forest/


Stephinie ~ Gypsy Mama said...

I love this..... thank you so much for featuring my sweet girl in such a lovely post. All the best.
~Stephinie (the gypsy mama)

softearthart said...

Hi, I can not knit, but I can needle felt, cheers from New Zealand , Marie

TJ Holley said...

Thank you for posting this! I can't believe how wonderful the vest turned out. Sophie loves it!!!